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Charger fuse for protection of highpower DC EV chargers


Safety is our top priority when it comes to DC (Mode 4) charging systems. That's why our Charger fuse plays a vital role in safeguarding DC circuits, capable of handling voltages up to 1000V DC and rated currents up to 600A. These specially designed fuses feature unique dimensions and connection contacts tailored to meet the specific requirements of each charging application.

The electrical protection of DC EV charging stations is of utmost importance in ensuring a safe and secure charging environment. Charger fuse boasts impressive characteristics, including a 1000V DC voltage rating, rated currents ranging from 50A to 600A, a breaking capacity of 30 kA, and compliance with standards IEC 60269-4 and IEC 60269-6. With a tested time constant of 3 mS, it proves suitable for a wide range of DC applications. Available in aR and gPV characteristic, which further enhances its performance and reliability, the Charger fuse is ideal for public fast (high power) charging stations, where the need for efficient and robust electrical protection is paramount.






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