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ETITEC Surge arresters M60 series

M60 Series surge arresters, engineered for direct mounting on 60 mm busbar systems with 5 or 10 mm thickness. These devices are ideal for industrial applications and other environments utilizing 60 mm busbar systems.





  • No Additional Hardware Required: The series can be mounted directly onto the busbar without the need for adapters or accessories.
  • Integrated Fuse Option: The M60F model includes an integrated fuse, simplifying SPD overcurrent protection without the need for a separate prefuse.
  • Easy Module Replacement: Features a pluggable design that allows for quick and straightforward module replacement.
  • Indicator System: Equipped with optical indicators for easy monitoring of device status (green for normal, red for fault) and remote signaling in the RC version.
  • MOV Technology: Utilizes metal oxide varistor technology, ensuring effective surge protection without the need for additional coordination
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