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Project PODIFER - EFI-P4 eV


In the ever-evolving landscape of electrical installations, staying at the forefront of innovation is paramount. Enter Project PODIFER – a venture aimed at developing specialized RCDs for the next generation of electrical installations, aligning seamlessly with the 'European Green Transition.' These installations are envisioned to incorporate various charging stations for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.


Matija Strehar

Head of R&D Switches


The corridors of our main entrance and the virtual realm of the ETI website have been graced by promotional messages heralding the PODIFER project. The acronym stands for "POsebna DIFERenčna stikala" in Slovenian, emphasizing the focus on unique residual current circuit breakers. The project targets the development of RCDs that cater to the protective needs of advanced electrical installations, playing a crucial role in the European commitment to sustainability.


Pushing Boundaries: ETI and ATLAN Consortium Redefining Electrical Innovation


A closer look reveals the mastery of the consortium led by ETI and ATLAN, exploring the frontiers of electrical innovation. With successfully obtained financing in the public tender "Incentives for Research and Development Projects of NOO", the project is now part of the Slovenian National Plan for Recovery and Resilience.


ETI's Expertise: A Legacy in Standard Differential Switches

ETI's legacy in manufacturing standard residual current circuit breakers (EFI-P2 and EFI-P4) for domestic installations is well established. However, the growing need for specialized RCDs poses new challenges that require compatibility with DC differential currents, higher frequency differentials, and greater immunity to interference.


EFI-P4 eV - Protecting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The innovative EFI-P4 eV, born from the standard EFI-P4, is specifically designed to protect charging stations for electric vehicles. Although outwardly reminiscent of its predecessor, internal differences, including a robust electronic board and a dual-core differential transformer, place it in a state-of-the-art development.



Certifications and Tests: Meeting Stringent Standards in Electrical Protection


Strict standards including IEC 61008, EN 61008 and IEC 62955 have guided development. EMC tests at SIQ, Ljubljana, and certification by Dekra (KEMA KEUR) in the Netherlands ensure the reliability of these new RCDs. While we await official documentation, the flawless trial production of the EFI-P4 eV marks the start of regular production. Although primary assembly tends to be automated, a manual approach is still present in specialty parts. Final testing of the finished product remains a precise automated process.



Variant Unveiled: EFI-P4 B - Diverse Functionalities in Electrical Protection

In the spotlight alongside EFI-P4 eV is its variant, EFI-P4 B. Sharing foundations but offering distinct functionalities in embedded electronics, this variant has undergone certification and is poised to enter regular production.



The PODIFER project and EFI-P4 eV exemplify state-of-the-art innovations in electrical protection that exceed the growing demands of the electrical environment. As the green transition gains momentum, these advances pave the way to a more sustainable and resilient future. Stay tuned for more updates as ETI continues its journey at the forefront of electrical innovation!


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